The mission of the Tahoe Home Connection program is to unlock housing for our local community.


  • Reaching homeowners of vacant homes to encourage them to rent their home seasonally or on a long-term basis through the program.
  • Creating a platform that connects local employers with these homeowners.
  • Providing resources for homeowners who want to rent seasonal and long-term through connecting homeowners with property managers, employers, resources for vetting and finding renters, and resources for updating their home.

Why do we need it?

Increasingly our local work force, including teachers, firefighters, nurses, and builders cannot find homes in Tahoe’s South Shore.  Many of them are moving off the hill.  Employers are struggling to retain staff due to the housing shortage.  It is beginning to affect our quality of life and the quality of the lake with all the commuter miles traveled.

With the most recent data available we know that 54% of our housing stock is vacant 85% of the time (U.S. Census, 2017)Some of our workers only need housing on a part-time or seasonal basis and would be a good match for a property owner who only uses their Tahoe house a few times a year.  This program helps homeowners generate additional value from their property investment by matching them with reliable professional tenants on a short-term or long-term basis.

What are we asking?

If you are a South Shore property owner and currently have an unoccupied home, condominium, suite or even bedroom, we ask that you consider renting it to a working professional on a 3-6 month, seasonal or full-time basis.  The TaHoCo program will pre-screen applicants for you and identify the perfect match for your situation.  Our property managers can even manage the property for you.  With so much demand for housing right now, a rental arrangement for part of a season or longer term can make a valuable difference.

How does it work?

If you own a residential home in Tahoe’s South Shore, it’s a no hassle opportunity to ensure the security and upkeep of your property and receive rental income. By renting your property through TaHoCo you are contributing to Tahoe South’s vibrant community. Our resort’s workforce needs accommodation. Lease your vacant suite to a hard-working Tahoe Local today!